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EMITT, one of the four largest tourism fairs in the world, will host world tourism professionals and holiday consumers for the 24th time from 30 January to 2 February 2020. The fair will be marked by the VR Experience Area and Tourism 4.0 concept. Participants virtual exhibition Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass will visit for the first time in EMITT in Turkey, Göbeklitepe and Mount Everest VR technology via tourist trips yapacaklar.

Every year thousands of fairs organized by the carrier sectors of Turkey's economy to foreign investors, bringing together partners with local Hyva Group, January 30 - February 2, 2020 between the dates of 24 EMITT performing the Tourism Fair. Under the corporate sponsorship of EMITT, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey Governorship of Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Airlines; With the support of KOSGEB; Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) and Turkey Tourism Investors Association (TTYD) in the joint venture, will be held at TUYAP Fair and Congress Center. The fair will focus on the digitalization process of the tourism sector in the dimensions of marketing and services, while visitors will witness many technological shows. In collaboration with HTC Vive, VR content for every day's contact, tourism professionals will be able to experience the effective use of Virtual Reality technology and participate in technology chats.

Virtual Mona Lisa Exhibition Mona Lisa:

Beyond The Glass is one of the most interesting events of EMITT. VR technology is becoming a new way for museums to reach people inside and outside their walls. The first virtual reality experience carried out by the Louvre Museum Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass Exhibition, tourism EMÄ°TT Tourism Fair for the first time in Turkey is preparing to meet with professionals and participants. Virtual reality technology; it will allow you to examine the fine details of the painting depicted on the wooden panel more closely and to display the texture of the wooden panel between the paint layers and the cracks on it. Moving the Louvre Museum and Mona Lisa to technology will shed light on the key role digitalization plays in tourism.

Göbeklitepe and Everest Climbing On the 3rd day of the fair, which will be experienced at EMITT, this time with VR technology, Göbeklitepe will become the oldest cult buildings in the world. Upon the announcement of the year 2019 in Göbeklitepe, this destination will be examined on Saturday, February 1 with the title “Is it possible to transform tourism with Göbeklitepe, which changes the date? Konferans. Everest is the highest peak in the world after this experience which will contribute to the promotion of the province of Åžanlıurfa, where the offline and online worlds are intertwined. With Everest VR, participants will have the opportunity to explore what is happening at the summit with realistic and impressive visuals. Participants who want to share the summit experience; will be able to conquer the summit of Everest after crossing the dangerous Khumbu Glacier at night at Camp 4 and climbing the risky Hillary Step cliffs.

EMITT Tourism Fair, which will offer its participants the opportunity to travel and experience the world digitally as if walking through the streets of Istanbul, from the busy streets of Tokyo to the historic Colosseum in Rome, through the Google Earth VR, will draw attention to the importance of technology-supported user experience and the contribution of digitalization to the tourism sector.

With the technique of Spatial Photogrammetry (photographic mapping), which is the product of the study of differentiating virtual reality technology and obtaining more realistic images, EMITT visitors; You will be able to visit Cologne Cathedral and experience areas that even museum visitors cannot enter. The award winning team at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) festival will be the focus of attention for all technology and travel lovers.

EMITT - Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair, which is prepared to host foreign visitors and tourism professionals at record level in the 24th year as it is every year, continues its mission of being a platform where the new agenda items of the tourism sector are discussed. EMITT Tourism Fair, which creates value for all the participants and continues to lead the sector with beneficial contents and collaborations from each other, is particularly focused on Tourism 4.0; will offer the opportunity to talk with experts on digitalization, online sales and digital marketing in the light of case studies.

EMITT has an intense activity program

EMITT - Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition, which was prepared to host record-breaking foreign visitors and tourism professionals in the 24th year, was a great success last year by hosting 5,620 exhibitors and 57,470 visitors from 94 countries. In EMITT 2020, which is expected to have a record turnout, tourism sector will be handled in all its dimensions in the Presidents Forum where TTYD, TÜROFED and TÜRSAB will be leading the sector. Hüseyin Baraner moderated Global Global and Local Trends in Tourism ”and HotelRunner Co-founder Arden Agopyan moderated Yöntem Improving the Performance of Your Digital Sales Channels dur. Traveling Elvin Levinler, Bülent HacıömeroÄŸlu and Travel Writer Sevil Mert will be moderated by the Founding Partner of Gezimanya Murat Özbilgi.

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