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Uzakrota Travel Summit Istanbul 150 Speakers 4000 visitors 13th December

Uzakrota Travel Summit is one of the biggest conference and foyer area for online travel agencies, airline companies, hotels, travel agencies, travel tech startups, hospitality investors, venture capitalists, tech companies and distribution tech companies. Uzakrota Travel Summit is connecting the biggest companies with the brightest minds and professionals of the travel industry around the world. Turkey's largest tourism event Uzakrota Travel Summit, from EMEA with the participation of 4000 tourism professionals is on 13th December in Istanbul. 

Last year, Uzakrota Travel Summit which has chosen as one of the most effective 10 tourism events by Bidroom, will bring together travel agencies, tourism tech firms, hotels, agencies serving the tourism industry and bloggers from Turkey and the countries from the close circle will be the most effective tourism summit of Turkey as in the past years. In addition to that, this year, Uzakrota Travel Summit has selected as one of the 5 travel events in the world by HIS Travel.

More than 150 speakers will address topics such as “Role of the Internet in the Destination Marketing", "Power of Emerging Markets and Online Platforms", "The Present and Future of Online Platforms", "Effect of Payment Platforms on End-Users", "Future Travel Groups and Marketing Strategies“ and "How Google Affects Tourism and Travel Industry? Why will SEO be More Important in 2020?" in 6 scenes in 63 sessions.

Speakers becoming clear to take part of the event

Gabriele Milani-Director-Publicity Office of the Italian Ministry of Tourism, Luis Cabrera-President&CEO-Lonely Planet, Wolf Paunic-President-Trafalgar Travel Canada, David Gunnarsson-CEO-Meta Search’s brand Dohop, Marija Labovic-Director-National Tourism Organization of Serbia, Yıldıray Karaer-CEO-Corendon Airlines Group, Mete Vardar-CEO-Jolly Tur, Mary Papathanasiou-CEO-stglobe, Miodrag Popovic-Director-Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Brett Dyason-CEO-Hepstar, Kemal Geçer-General Manager-Lufthansa Group Iraq and Turkey, Gideon Dov Thaler-Founder-Tal Aviation Tolga Habalı-CEO-IRC International Residency & Citizenship, Nikita Dedik-CEO-Road Travel, Fernanda Barrence Mutz-CEO-The Trip Boutique, Robert Andrzejczyk-President-Polish Tourism Organization with the participation of these names below more than 150 speakers will be at Uzakrota Travel Summit 2019.

4.000 local and international visitors will be at Uzakrota Travel Summit where SKYhub Main Hall, Neredekal Tourism Tech, Emirates Tourism Marketing Halls and in addition  HotelRunner Lounge, IRC Lounge and Hotelspro B2B Area which is organized all around the world, and the foyer area will take place.

Who Attends Uzakrota Travel Summit

Online Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Airports, Travel Tech Startups, Hospitality Investors, Venture Capitalists, Tech Companies and Distribution Tech Companies


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