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Viking Ships Museum, Oslo - Tourist attraction in Norway

The largest of Norway's museums dedicated to their seafaring ancestors, the Viking Ships Museum in Oslo features three 9th-century Viking vessels, each of which had been laid to rest as burial chambers for prominent Vikings. The largest of these is the 70-foot Oseberg Ship, built around AD 800, which contained a chieftan's wife and two other women along with many items that give insight into Viking life. The museum is also home to the Gokstad Ship, which is an impressive 23 meters long, and the Tune Ship. Visitors can also view several exhibits and films, which focus on the importance of maritime life for that culture. The Viking Ships Museum is operated by the Museum of Cultural History, as is Oslo's Historical Museum, which contains artifacts from around the world and throughout history, from Egyptian mummies to the history of gold coins. This museum is also home to an expanding Viking Age exhibit, which contains a rare well-preserved Viking helmet.

Address: Frederiks gate 2, 0164 Oslo

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