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Explore the Exceptional Beauty of the UNESCO-listed Lavaux Vineyard

Lausanne, 11 July 2019: Traverse the authentic beauty in tranquility at the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland featuring stunning views over Lake Geneva, the Alps and the mosaic vines welcoming many travelers seeking vitality and serenity.

Now elevated to the status of world heritage site by UNESCO, Lavaux will fascinate visitors with its breathtaking landscape and ravishing vineyard terraces which were carefully cultivated by generations of vine-growers living in the little picturesque villages. Trippers will enjoy the educational trail from Lausanne to Montreaux with the views of the famous and beautifully shaped vineyards and relish in grape tastings, a chance to try out products from the larder, and a walk through the vines.

Discover beyond the usual tourist façade and stroll through the narrow alleys and medieval houses at St. Saphorin, a little town that features distinctive winegrowers’ houses dated 16th to 19th century. For tourists wanting to look back at a centuries-old tradition of hospitality, Auberge de l’Onde is a must-see establishment as it also offers local delicacies served on three floors.

Walter Loser, Director of GCC Markets at Lausanne Tourism said, “Boasting a rich culture and history, Lavaux Vineyard have continually increased the quality and scenic view of the vineyard giving visitors a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience that guests will remember forever.”

With crisscrossed terraces, marked trails and an exceptional landscape – Lavaux holds the title as one of the oldest and largest contiguous vineyards in Switzerland which have been protected by UNESCO since 2007.

“For tired visitors, Lavaux Express and Lavaux-Panoramic train, which is available on selected days, will be ready to comfortably transport hikers through the region,” added Walter Loser.



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