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Monchique Resort & Spa enters Summer season with new Wellness calendar and family offer  

Monchique Resort & Spa, which has reopened in March under the management of Discovery
Hotel Management, celebrates the arrival of Summer by betting on a reinforcement of its
Wellness activities, as well as altering the typologies of all its suites, which now include family

In addition to a schedule of activities included in the value of the stay (
Allinclusive-Julho), a Wellness program with diversified and longer-lasting activities – two to
three days – was also designed. More than simple workshops, it is now intended that the hotel
has an offer that allows guests a more immersive and in-depth experience of each of the
selected themes, in line with its concept.
The first of these activities takes place on 11 and 12 July. For two days, Monchique Resort & Spa
guests will have the opportunity to learn all the secrets behind home-made cosmetics, as well
as having practical classes where they will test recipes for creams, lip balms and even

Between July 12 and 14 there will be a Yoga retreat guided by Janet Shook, who is also the
hotel’s consultant for the Wellness segment. Three days of Yoga practice, but also activities such
as healthy eating workshops and mountain walks.
In the second half of the month, between 24 and 26 July, a retreat of AcroYoga – an activity that
combines practices of Yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage – will take place.
And to complete the month of July the best way possible, on 29, 30 and 31 of July, Monchique
Resort & Spa will have daily courses of raw food confection, with Chef Stephanie Jeffs and her 
program Explore Raw Food. In each one of the three days there will be three workshops where 

participants can learn more about the benefits of this food, discover some recipes and foods
that are fundamental to our diet.
Curated by Janet Shook, the month of August promises to be as excited as July with a program
that goes from Ashtanga Yoga to African dances.

In addition to the intensification of the program of activities available, there is also changes
regarding the accommodation, which is now free for children up to 12 years of age (a maximum
of 2 children per room). This change is in line with the strategy that Monchique Resort & Spa
has been following, reinforcing the family segment – the hotel already has a Kids Club, a
playground and a pool dedicated to families.

Monchique Resort & Spa

Lugar do Montinho | 8550 – 232 Monchique | Algarve – Portugal
+351 282 240 130 | |
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DHM – Discovery Hotel Management is a management brand created within the Discovery Portugal Fund
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