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ect.A scientific spa and more at the upcoming One&Only Desaru Coast

In May, luxury resort group One&Only announced a global partnership with leading European health, wellness and beauty brand, Chenot, to introduce signature experiences that offer a scientific and holistic approach across their ultra-luxury resort collection.

Close to home, One&Only Spa by Chenot will open at One&Only Desaru Coast in Malaysia in late-2019 and is the group’s first resort in Asia. 

We find out more from One&Only president and COO Philippe Zuber:

What is this scientific approach that makes the Chenot Groups wellness offering so ‘revolutionary’?
The Chenot Group has dedicated over 50 years of research to developing state-of-the-art medical spa programmes and products that promote wellness, successful ageing and optimal health. In the early seventies, Founder of Chenot Group, Henri Chenot developed a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that led to the development of Biontology – the science of living and his method of rebalancing the physiology of the body that is implemented in all Chenot health wellness treatments as the core therapeutic approach. 

One&Only Spa by Chenot will be a bespoke concept to each resort where vitality and energy will be the main focus, and the science-driven Chenot diagnostics and treatments will be customised for each guest and location. For example, a massage treatment would go beyond addressing relaxation of the muscles to incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine whereby the meridiens, or energy pathways are also rebalanced, and custom blended aromatherapy oils used for a more holistic therapeutic benefit. Sleep and relaxation techniques will leverage custom Chenot software and frequency technology to optimise brainwaves.

At One&Only Desaru Coast, Chenot Group’s COO and scientific director Dr George Gaitanos is developing performance enhancing systems for golf and tennis players. With a background in sports medicine, his approach will assist players in optimising their game and holistic health through adjustments and treatments.

Is the spa experience complimentary with every booking?
Each spa experience will be a bespoke offering tailored to the guest, and separate to the guest room rates. We will also be introducing packages that include Chenot spa experiences as the partnership evolves.

Besides spa, what other facilities and amenities will One & Only Desaru Coast offer?
As with all properties within our portfolio, One&Only Desaru Coast will be incredibly private, yet still buzzing with life and energy. We’re excited that One&Only will be part of this new destination and provide a completely elevated guest experience. 

The resort is easily accessible from Singapore Changi International Airport and Senai International Airport, and will offer modern Malaysian elegance, showcasing the natural elements of the region. We’ll honour the country’s rich culture and traditions throughout the design and experience, and the resort, designed by award-winning architectural firm, Kerry Hill Architects, will place an emphasis on privacy, providing the ultimate hideaway.

One&Only Desaru Coast will become a culinary destination, offering three restaurants, a bar and a vibrant Beach Club. Many of the ingredients will be sourced locally from farms close by, and the focus will be on organic and seasonal produce. New experiences will be introduced to discover the best of both land and sea. As with all One&Only properties, the resort will offer innovative programming for families with children whilst carefully preserving space for adults only as well.


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