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Vinarium Hotel in Lendava, Slovenia

In the very east of the country, in Pomurje region, a brand-new dispersed hotel has just opened its doors. What makes it unique is the fact that you will be staying at vineyard cottages.

Just recently, Vinarium Hotel, a brand-new dispersed hotel in Lendava surroundings has opened its doors. A dispersed hotel is an innovative form of accommodation which brings together a large number of accommodation owners in the area. They share a reception desk and a reservation system and prepare diverse local experiences together. What is special about this dispersed hotel is that it combines several vineyard cottages that lie in this area and now form this unique form of a hotel. Hence also the name: Vinarium Hotel.

This is now a perfect opportunity to can spend your vacation at the heart of wine-growing hillsand experience hospitality with no boundaries. Pomurje region invites you in all its glory. The owners of the vineyard cottages will, next to giving you the key of your room, also trust you the key to the wine cellar. You will be able to relax, enjoy peace, think and read in these unique facilities, be left with nature and beautiful views, and take time for your beloved ones. Adventure lovers can opt for hiking and cycling along the rolling hills, while those who came to the area to relax and pamper their soul, can enjoy at the nearby spas. Make sure only that you do not miss excellent local cuisine, which perfectly complements the whole experience.



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