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Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River gets new landmark attraction with opening of the “Iconic Multimedia Water Features”, the Southeast Asia’s longest water feature at ICONSIAM

ICONSIAM, the mega city project of futuristic living and an iconic landmark of Thailand’s eternal prosperity on the Chao Phraya River has just launched Thailand’s new global attraction on the Chao Phraya River known as the “ICONIC Multimedia Water Features”. At over 400 metres, it is the longest water dance in Southeast Asia featuring a combination of light, colour, sound and multimedia and set in front of beautiful vistas across the Chao Phraya River. It seeks to glorify and highlight the grandeur of the river for the world to be impressed while attracting local and international visitors to the Chao Phraya River. 


ICONSIAM, 750,000-square meter landmark development in Bangkok that opened in November 2018 and has become one of Asia’s most exciting destinations with its combination of a dramatic riverside location with art, culture, lifestyle pursuits, dining options, super-luxury residences, and shopping. ICONSIAM is also home of the seven stunning attractions that are the first of their kind in Thailand and which are called the ‘Seven Wonders at ICONSIAM’.  Among the attractions are ‘SookSiam’, where the best products, services and artistic creations from Thailand’s 77 provinces are presented in a single and exciting destination, ‘River Park’, an open-air, riverside community space of 10,000 sqm. for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the river up-close as never before, and the latest launch of the ‘ICONIC Multimedia Water Features’ designed to mesmerize its admirers.


The ‘ICONIC Multimedia Water Features’ is Southeast Asia’s longest water dance show stretching over 400 metres with a mix of light, colour, sound and multimedia.  It is also the most diverse show of its kind in the world in terms of how multimedia it is.  It is also a medium for the display of Thai customs and culture.  It is another pride of ICONSIAM to have created a new global attraction for Thailand on the Chao Phraya River that highlights the value and grandeur of the river for the world to see.


Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Director of ICONSIAM Co., Ltd., said, “The ICONIC Multimedia Water Feature is another of the great attractions we promised to place on the ICONSIAM site as part of our civic duty to create shared value by driving global interest in Bangkok and Thailand.”


“We hope it will do for Bangkok what the London Eye does for London and the Botanic Garden at the Marina Bay Sands does for Singapore, bringing benefits not only at the national level but also to the multitude of riverside communities along this stretch of the river,” she said.


GHESA Water & Art, a world-renowned fountain design firm which has designed more than 3,000 fountains around the world, has collaborated with ICONSIAM to create a world-class phenomenon on Thai soil in the form of a spectacular fountain show using the world’s most advanced technology.  The heart of the show lies in the combination and presentation of the beauty of traditional Thai customs and culture in seamless harmony at River Park, which is an outdoor space with the beauty of the river landscape in full view, allowing us to present Thailand’s new spectacular attraction which is second to none in the world.


One of the highlights of the ICONIC Multimedia Water Features is the shooting up of water jets using compressed air technology in combination with a technique of shooting 2D, 3D and 4D jets that can spin.  The jets are shot up into the air at different heights, the highest of which is around 35 metres.  Another highlight is the use of cybernetic technology to shoot fountain jets in bursts of 0.1 second to create images of flowers as well as form a water curtain on which to project images to the accompaniment of Thai music.  It is a perfect blend of modernity and traditional Thai customs.  The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features is open to the public free of charge every day and has 3 shows, daily, at 18.30, 20.00 and 21.00, at River Park, ICONSIAM.


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