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David Totiemsri, Warm welcome to our Middle East guests at Sea Sand Sun Resort, Pattaya -Thailand.

Motaz Othman, M.I.C.E Middle East, Pattaya / Thailand >> During IT&CMA in Bangkok, we had the chance to meet our friend Ms. Patitta who introduced us to The Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas in Pattaya, she said a lot about the Resort and it\'s beauty and since we had a free day before leaving back home, we decided to visit the Resort. 


In less than two hours from Bangkok, we arrived at The Sea Sand and Sun Resort, warm welcome from the staff whom they offered us our rooms which is actually a small private Villa, big bed, a place for relaxing, with a shower outdoors, but the most amazing was the small pool inside the Villa with totally private.


We were was really amazed by the green trees inside the Resort on our way to the Villas, also  amazed by the view of the Pattaya beach, later tasty food was offered in the restaurant facing the beach, all was a beautiful experience, and to know more about the Resort, we asked  Ms. Patitta to arrange an Interview with the owner of the Resort, we met with Mr. David Totiemsri, Managing partner and Business Development Manager, we asked him:


Q: Mr. David, this is a wonderful Resort, is it possible to know how long your Resort built and the area that occupied:

A: The Sea Sand and Sun Resort is almost 15 years old and occupied over 35 hiktar with almost 400 hundred meters the length of the beach. 


Q: During our stay, we make a site inspection, we saw different types of Villas, also some Villas facing the beach, can we know how many villas you have and types?

A: Thanks, yes we have more than 50 different types of private Villas, all have a private pool inside, means that guests can enjoy swimming in total privacy and I believe this is an important issue for travelers from the Middle East.


Q: We saw in the restaurant while having tasty food something like a set up for a group, do you offer meetings facilities, I believe a meeting facing the beach with the tasty food and warm services would be very special, can you tell us meeting facilities?

A: Yes, we offer different types of setting up meetings, the one you saw was for a Lunch for 50 people as a group here in Pattaya, we are ready as well to offer different sizes of meeting places, here where we are setting can be arranged as well for a meeting. We are also famous for Wedding set up on the beach, we have already arranged a few weddings here, as well we offer warm and romance set up for honeymooners inside the Villas.


Q:  For guests, do you offer pickup from Bangkok Airports?

A: Yes, we can offer pickup from Bangkok or from Bangkok Airports for Individuals or groups, and this is based on the deal we do with clients sometimes it\'s complimentary.


Q: How many people are working here?

A: Around 140 serving our guests, almost two employees for each guest.


Q: Can you share with us your future plans in the Resort?

A: Yes, we have plans to renovate the restaurant and the fitness center and the function rooms and we will start in two months time.


Q: Any plans to create and build new Villas?

A: Now, we are doing renovation for some Villas and we are planning to build new Vilas in the near future, as you know we have huge space and there is a great demand on our Resort, yes we need to build more.


Q: Mostly, is your clients from Leisure or MICE?

A: Mostly Leisure guests, but as I explained, we have function rooms under renovation and we will be able to host bigger meetings in the near future, our function room can accommodate around 90 people seated and our restaurant as well can accommodate more numbers.


Q: We have experienced the SPA, it\'s a really wonderful atmosphere and the lady offered us an unforgettable Thai massage experience, just I would like to thank you for that and please pass my thanks to the staff in the SPA.

A: Thanks, we do our best to offer guests the best service that we can include hiring professional girls in the SPA.


Mr. David, thank you so much for your time, after our visit and what we heard from you, we strongly believe that your Sea Sand and Sun Resort is wonderful place to relax far from the city especially for couples and Honeymooners who need privacy together with luxury atmosphere and of course the tasty food, thanks so much.


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