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Montenegro is a very good and value added destination for incentives; unique nature and good food. Our customers are our friends, we welcome our hosts in our home. who do you want else

Motaz Othman, Mice Middle East >> I was looking for a chance to introduce Montenegro to our readers, the chance came in Cambodia where I met with my friend Ms. Nalan Yesilyurt, she informed me that her Company DEM-Co is representing Montenegro, I asked her:


Q: Montenegro is known in our region as the Republic of Balck Mountain, Gumhireyt Al Jabal Al Aswad, can you let us know the location of Motenegro, neighouring countries and where the name Montenegro came from?


A: Montenegro is a coastal country in Southeast Europe where the continent meets the Adriatic Sea. It’s surrounded by the countries of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia. It is mostly a mountainous country, and its highest peak is Zla Kolata. The country also has significant lakes, canyons, rivers and two national parks that are UNESCO world heritage sites: the Durmitor and the Tara River Canyon. Montenegro is Europe’s biodiversity hotspot, as no other country has a higher concentration of plant and animal species.


Q: Incentive tours are now considered as the main target for Tourism Boards since it brings big number of tourists and mostly young travelers, please let us know what Montenegro has to offer for Tourists and in particular for young travelers?


A: Well, in this point I believe I must reply in two version; young travellers especially who wants for nightlife should travel between Mid June to Mid September, as crazy nightlife such as clubs,  is running around these months.. but if you are not fan of the clubbing and who look after quiet but nice holiday, good service and relaxing nature than travelling time must be from Mid April to Mid June & Mid September to Mid November...of course, we’re pointing coastal part of Montenegro such as Budva, Tivat, Herceg Novi which are seasonal places to visit.. but if you’re looking about winter holidays such as skiing and Spa, etc; there is also 2 modeste winter resorts to enjoy....


Gambling passionates; Casino alternatives are waiting for you!


It is a very good and value added destination for incentives; unique nature and good food. Our customers are our friends for us, we do our best to serve our guests like we welcome our hosts in our home. who do you want else ?


Don’t miss out for weddings and honeymooners ! it is a paradise again if you have right partner and right advises J..


Q: For Visa purpose in particular for Middle East travelers, do you have an idea which Middle East countries are guaranteed for Visa, or The Schengen Visa is what Middle East travelers need?


A: Montenegro is not a schengen part yet, schengen visa is not valid/need to enter.. Expecting to be EU member from 2023.. Montenegrin visa is needed for some Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.. Visas may be obtained from diplomatic and consular posts of Montenegro. If an applicant is unable to reach a diplomatic or consular post of Montenegro, s/he may apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia at nearest.. The citizens of United Arab Emirates and Israel may enter, pass through and stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days with a valid passport without a visa.. We strongly advise to contact nearest Montenegro and/or Serbia diplomatic or consular post to have correct information about visa to enter to Montenegro..


But, important!; Croatia is just neighbour and EU country.. to enter you need  a schengen visa.. It is possible to combine both countries for your travellings and/or MICE.. please don’t forget to ask to your partner about your program and visa details...


Q: What is the major cities in Montenegro, and the main attractions in?


Capital is Podgorica.. There is two international airports; Podgorica and Tivat..


Coastal cities are more famous and popular such as Budva, Bar, Kotor, Tivat, etc..... Kotor is Unesco heritage city.. Budva is famous with nightlife.. Skadar Lake is the second biggest lake in Europe where you can admire a green beauty and Dalmatian pelicans.. Sveti Stefan; The most luxurious tourist complex in Montenegro, visited by a large number of celebrities, Sveti Stefan is an icon of Mediterranean tourism.. Tara river is popular for river rafting, and many more.. Montenegro more than makes up for its diminutive size with its astonishing natural beauty. The southern coast has over 20 miles of golden sand kissed by warm blue sea, sharply contrasting with the imposing mountains of the north and the clear lakes of the interior.


Q: Is Montenegro famous as Meeting destination? do you know some big events took place there? and do they have a Convention Bureau, means do they promote MICE business?


A: Montenegro is a small country, population is about 650.000, and recently 

getting popular.. MICE promotion is really too modeste and need time.. Until today and maybe still, destination was only promoted for summer.. but as told at the beginning, there is a lot of to do – especially for MICE business – during out of season, if you conduct with a right and passionate partner..


Q: As your company is the agent for Montenegro tourism, what facilities do your office offer to Middle East travelers? I mean if a group, Incentive group or Honeymooners would be interested to fly through Istanbul, what services do you offer them?


A: Let’s be honest, today’s biggest problem in 2018 was to fly in to Montenegro as there is limited airlines serving, Let’s talk today, there is two international airports in Montenegro, for Middle Eastern routes Turkish Airlines connecting to Middle East to Podgorica Airport via Istanbul, and Qatar Airways to Tivat Airport.. we expect new routes and airlines in 2019..


Montenegro, an emerging luxury incentive destination to promote..MICE tourism is on the rise in Balkans. A combination of natural beauty, improving infrastucture and accessibility, a right partner who understand needs and what is possible to pull off in the region; Montenegro is a fresh and bold destination which recently appears on MICE radars. The infrastructure is booming yet still needs improvements. Combination of mountains and sea is just a click, and Dubrovnik - jewel of Croatia allows guests to experience two destinations at once..


We have office in Istanbul and Budva (Montenegro), we are serving in Tailor Made on request basis for Bachelor Parties, Honeymooners, Weddings, luxury family stays, Birthday parties and/or incentives, MICE..  Just drop us an email and tell us customer needs.. We are serving from visa letter, meeting at the airport until last moment to farewell at the airport.. We are ready to serve in both destination or either Istanbul or Montenegro, just tell us how we can serve you ? and leave us the rest!


Q: If you want to invite tourists to Montenegro, what would you tell them (In one or two lines please)?


A long-time playground for the yacht crowd, the country is rapidly gaining popularity with travellers drawn by its peaceful beauty and value for money.


In the summer months  the sea is nice and warm for swimming in the morning and the evening.. t is the right time to visit before joining EU! Natural, good food and budgeted comparing to other European destinations!


Montenegro Is the Chic Honeymoon Destination You Deserve


“The tiny country of Montenegro, located in Southeastern Europe, is packed with charm and enough to keep newlyweds intrigued for any length of stay—and the small city of Kotor and the surrounding bay is its crown jewel. Just two hours by car from the trendy travel destination of Dubrovnik in Croatia, many visitors have discovered this less tourist-packed place and the word-of-mouth of its delights is quickly spreading to travelers and honeymooners alike. Why go? For one, it’s got Lake Como-esque vibes at a fraction of the price, plus an incredibly relaxing atmosphere full of lots of tanning opportunities come the warm summer months. And while Kotor is worthy of a trip all on its own, it’s also incredibly easy to add on as a destination for any ‘moon centered around the Dalmatian Coast or Southern Italy” says Dan Koday ...


A Montenegro honeymoon, Bachelor Party or Wedding will send your heart aflutter. Speak with our specialists to start planning your perfect romantic getaway to this unsung hero of the Mediterranean.


Thank you for your time you share with us. 


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