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Dubai-based fashion designer ASMARAÏA created a limited edition dress named UNITY

Dubai-based fashion designer ASMARAÏA created a limited edition dress named “UNITY”  inspired by the vision of UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, whose centennial birth year coincides with the 47th anniversary of the UAE’s union.


Says Miss ASMARAÏA, “This limited edition dress was inspired by my desire to bridge fashion and culture together. The dress was inspired by the vision of the man with extraordinary dreams and limitless love and energy who laid the foundations for the thriving country we now live in.”

“Driven by his attachment to the land, love of his people, passion for culture, and deep faith in his religion, he was a generous and selfless man focused on creating a wonderful future for those who he considered “his children” – which are all UAE’s citizens.”


Speaking about the design, Miss ASMARAÏA elaborated about the materials, techniques and fabrics that she used to create the masterpiece. “I used the color golden white as it symbolizes purity, innocence, equality and new beginnings. I have incorporated the traditional Arabic cut-dress and put touches of western influences on the stitches and durability. This is my modern take to empower women in their day to day lives.”

“The ‘UNITY’ dress is also an art piece that I want to give to UAE, my home. UAE has been very successful on welcoming talents like me and giving opportunity to go global.” adds Miss ASMARAIA who just recently finish showcasing her latest collection ‘Nocturnal Animals’ at Arab Fashion Week last November 23, 2018.


The limited edition “UNITY” dress will be available on ASMARAÏA’s closet from Nov. 28 until end of Dec. 2018.


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