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Discover Lausanne’s Majestic Lakeside Forest

Dubbed as the paradise for children, Sauvabelin boasts a breath-taking scenery where families and nature lovers can admire the unique landscapes and indulge in an afternoon filled with endless outdoor activities perfect for the summer break.


Sauvabelin features an artificial lake bordered by a path where visitors can take a stroll through its woodland trails that wind through the park. The hilltop destination exudes a friendly and tranquil environment with old-growth forests rich in history and outdoor opportunities. The property also includes a unique playground made of wood from the forest itself, where children can unplug from their gadgets and explore what nature has to offer. Just steps away, visitors can satiate in taste treats and locally produced dishes at Pinte du lac de Sauvabelin, a rustic restaurant terrace situated right by the lake.


Being one of the most visited parks in Lausanne, Sauvabelin is a place where you can see the stars at night, enjoy a picnic amongst the oak trees and vibrant greenery, or walk around the scintillating lake. The forest is also home to many fascinating animals, visitors can catch the sighting of woolly pigs, goats, ducks, boars, bats and birds that wander the park.


Patrons seeking for a panoramic view of the surrounding area can climb up the 35-meter high Sauvabelin Tower and experience multiple vistas of Lausanne, including Lake Geneva, the Alps, the Jura and the Plateau, an ideal spot to take in a breath of fresh and get inspired by the simplicity of nature.


Steeve Pasche, The Director of Lausanne Tourisme said, “No matter what type of vacation visitors are looking for whether its vibrant lakes, abundant outdoor recreational activities, stunning natural beauty, relaxed vibes, modern and sophisticated shops, or exquisite restaurants, Lausanne has all the amenities to satisfy everyone’s interests.”


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