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Slovenia Tourist Board launches global digital campaign called I FEEL SLOVENIA – Make New Memories

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has officially launched a global digital campaign, which through innovative advertising messages, will raise the recognisability and reputation of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy tourist destination, promote attractive tourist products, and increase the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism in key foreign markets.

Officially launched in April 2016, the global digital campaign will form a key activity for STB throughout 2016 and 2017 and include the further development of communication with the public through social media and the renewal of the website.


Upon establishing the Slovenian Tourist Board as an independent organisation, the need for an immediate development of a comprehensive and operational strategy for the digitalisation of marketing in tourism was recognized as the key priority in line with the global trends. Therefore, we decided to include the digital content marketing in our marketing and communication activities in order to raise the competitiveness of Slovenian tourism. Through digital content marketing we aim to address the clearly defined target groups and convince them to choose Slovenia as their holiday destination. For this purpose, we established a working group in close cooperation with the economy sector, with the task to prepare guidelines for the new strategy and monitor its implementation,” said Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board.


The Slovenian Tourist Board\'s digital content marketing strategy is oriented towards end-users – tourists and potential visitors to Slovenia. A greater reach and exposure of the Slovenian Tourist Board’s own media, as well as an increase in visitors and growth of the website will be achieved through creative small-scale digital campaigns and the main global digital campaign, which will be carried out in different intervals in addition to the regular communication and promotional activities. The €1.9 million campaign commenced on 18th April 2016 with a first advertising wave and will continue for one month. It will be followed by another four advertising waves, ending on 11th November 2016.

The campaign is based on the story of Slovenia as a land of diverse experiences. The authenticity of the experiences is emphasized by testimonials in the form of quotations and statements which spread the message, attract attention and arouse curiosity. »Stars will be attributed to the quality of future experiences, similar to the ones used in the hospitality and hotel industry, as well as the following two slogans that are used to draw attention with every ad. The slogan “Slovenia. This summer will be something to talk about.” holds a clear promise of a wonderful adventure, and the content is well wrapped up by the invitation saying “Slovenia. Make new memories” explained Alenka Pahor Žvanut, Head of Digital Marketing Department and Digital Communications Manager.

A click on an ad presenting one of the major Slovenian attractions, such as Ljubljana, the Postojna Cave, Piran, Bled or Lipica, will lead the viewer to the landing page of one of the main topics emphasized by the Slovenian Tourist Board which includes themes of health and well-being, active holidays, adventures in nature, gastronomy, cities and culture. There, the visitors will encounter the final virtual experience of our country.


The Slovenian Tourist Board’s digital campaign will be carried out in 12 European markets or groups of markets (Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, France and Switzerland, Great Britain and Ireland, Hungary, the Benelux Union, Croatia, Serbia, the Russian Federation), as well as in the United States of America and in Canada. The goal is to achieve at least 150 million ad impressions on all web and mobile portals, the Google Display Network and in search advertising, and to reach at least 50 million Facebook users, a million Instagram users, two million VK users and 400.000 Twitter users. With this campaign, the Slovenian Tourist Board aims to get at least 100,000 new likes on its Facebook page, 20,000 new Instagram followers, 10,000 followers on the VK page and 10,000 Twitter followers. The goal is to reach at least 300,000 unique visits through the Google and Yandex search engines and 200,000 through the Google Display Network. On the YouTube channel, at least three million video ad impressions are planned to run, each of them shown for more than three seconds and at an average frequency of 2.5.


In conjunction with the global digital campaign, the Slovenian Tourist Board has also launched the I FEEL SLOVENIA holiday package made exclusively for visitors from the Middle East. The holiday package encapsulates the green, active and healthy attractions of Slovenia and includes a four night stay in Slovenia (including a two nights stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city that has been recognised by the European Commission as the Green Capital of Europe 2016, a complimentary city tour of Ljubljana, a night stay at a Slovenian thermal springs spa with its health-giving waters, and a night at a family friendly tourist farm stay with farm activities. Airport and hotel transfers are also included.


Already 28 travel agencies from around the GCC have committed to promoting and selling the I FEEL SLOVENIA package to their customers and clients, with more to follow.


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